ClusterStor™ Storage Systems

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The #1 HPC Storage Choice for New Supercomputers

After only 5 years, Seagate continues to solidify its position as the number one choice for high-performance storage solutions designed for new supercomputers. In fact, 40% of the top 20 systems on TOP500’s list of the world’s fastest supercomputers are powered by Seagate. A clear demonstration that supercomputing is effectively meeting the vast and growing performance and massive capacity needs of HPC systems.

Seagate Owns 85% of the Intellectual Property Inside ClusterStor

While competitors may claim to have purpose-engineered systems, ClusterStor™ is truly the only purpose-engineered HPC storage solution that is designed, manufactured and supported by one company.

Seagate’s accomplished and unique industry experience informs the entire system, from the storage media to the software stack. Because of this full system integration, ClusterStor delivers on many levels where competitor systems cannot. You can expect better performance, efficiency, scalability and—ultimately—simplicity with ClusterStor.

Sustained Performance

Nobody beats ClusterStor on performance. Seagate reliably delivers the highest performance in the most demanding, data-intensive HPC and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) environments.

ClusterStor was first to predictably deliver sustained HPC-performance throughput over 1TB/s

5 of the 6 fastest systems, are powered by Seagate, including the first system to break the 1 TB/s barrier at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) running after 5 years

ClusterStor currently supports the fastest HPC-sustained throughput in the industry—up to 1.7TB/s with data storage capacity over 80 petabytes (PB)

Efficiency/TCO Savings

Seagate’s number one ranking is significant and starts with system efficiency at the device level – the core of our business. Other vendors deliver about 50% of the performance throughput per drive compared to ClusterStor, meaning that vendor systems require 2× the number of drives to achieve the same level of performance. These solutions waste valuable power, cooling resources and data center floor space.

By contrast, ClusterStor’s unique system architecture requires less hardware, provides efficient flow among all components, and typically requires fewer soft costs such as time to resolution, if issues arise. Seagate builds each system based on your specific needs, delivering the greatest performance efficiency along with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Infinite Scalability

Unlike most cobbled-together legacy systems, ClusterStor is infinitely scalable. We’ve scaled systems up to 100PB with no loss of efficiency or performance! Because all of our systems are engineered to work together seamlessly, we can help you scale as much or as little as you need, exactly when you need it. Best of all, we simplify the user experience through ClusterStor Manager allowing administrators to easily monitor performance of the entire system from a single dashboard.

Seagate Simple

There's no arguing that HPC storage is hard; the complexity involved in designing an efficient system with the right performance levels, file systems, speed, scalability and data availability can be daunting. But if your HPC legacy system is also cobbled together, as most are, with each component manufactured for its independent performance, then chaos reigns. Sometimes it’s better to start fresh.

What we call Seagate Simple.

Simple is defined as clean, consistent and elegant. Seagate’s mission is to reduce complexity and to provide easy, unfettered access to data with seamless scalability.


Seagate 4C: The Intelligent Way to Foresee – and Prevent – System Issues

Any datacenter’s health monitoring is only as efficient as the tools available to its team. ClusterStor delivers a remarkably progressive way to ensure the highest levels of reliability, availability and serviceability: Seagate 4C.

This RAS manager intelligently monitors your entire system, and even learns from the data it gathers to continually improve its ability to predict system behavior, and to ensure optimum health and performance at all times.

The Art of High-Performance Scale-Out Storage

The ClusterStor™ family architecture is built on Seagate's robust enterprise–class storage designs combined with Lustre or IBM Spectrum Scale, allowing customers to choose the best–fit parallel file solutions for their workflows.

Either file system provides superior performance with industry–leading efficiency and scalability.

The ClusterStor family:

  • Tightly integrates Lustre or IBM Spectrum Scale into a performance and capacity–optimized solution perfect for HPC, big data and analytics
  • Removes complexities associated with HPC environments by using off–the–shelf components from multiple vendors
  • Enables integrated storage solutions that provide high-productivity computing with the industry's highest levels of efficiency, reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Supported by ClusterStor Professional Services

ClusterStor Wins 6 HPCWire Readers' Choice Awards!

The ClusterStor family of products has received remarkable recognition for their leading edge solutions, including:

ClusterStor L300N

Available for the Lustre environment, the L300N is the newest ClusterStor innovation to best manage performance across unpredictable workloads. Our new Nytro software handles mixed I/Os (random, unaligned, small blocks, etc.) making it the most flexible system to handle any workload, anytime. Because it is a true hybrid system incorporating the right balance of SSD and HDD storage, the L300N provides the best performance with the best value.


ClusterStor L300

ClusterStor L300 is a complete engineered solution. Designed to provide accessible data and actionable insights, and seamlessly meet your data storage and movement needs, the fully optimized L300 system achieves incredible bandwidth of 112GB/s per rack. The result is the best performance density solution available. Less than 10 racks can perform at speeds in excess of 1TB/s.

GridRAID provides up to 400% faster rebuild times, meaning less management and downtime, along with improved productivity, which is critical. Finally, the L300 incorporates the Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software, specifically designed for data-heavy applications in tech, academia and government.


ClusterStor 9000

Big enterprise organizations mean big data. The ClusterStor 9000 solution helps HPC and big data customers reliably plan, deploy and sustain maximum application performance in a Lustre 2.5 environment with speeds of 1TB/s. The unique GridRAID, HSM-ready storage platform results in up to 400% faster rebuild times, meaning less management, less downtime.


ClusterStor 1500

Data granularity, accuracy and resolution are unintentionally creating bottlenecks that constrain research and development across nearly every industry. The ClusterStor 1500 features scalable storage units combined with the Lustre parallel file system to remove productivity barriers, making it a perfect solution for organizations that have massive storage needs.


ClusterStor G300N

Available for the Spectrum Scale environment, the G300N is the newest ClusterStor innovation to best manage performance across unpredictable workloads. Our new Nytro software handles mixed I/Os (random, unaligned, small blocks, etc.) making it the most flexible system to handle any workload, anytime. Because it is a true hybrid system incorporating the right balance of SSD and HDD storage, the G300N provides the best performance with the best value.


ClusterStor G200

We know hardware matters, even in today’s software-defined world. The ClusterStor G200 with IBM Spectrum Scale offers proven storage hardware architecture paired with reliable software. G200 is a truly optimized solution designed to meet the needs of capacity and performance—an attractive solution for enterprises struggling to manage their big data needs.


ClusterStor A200

The ClusterStor A200 is an active archive object store designed specifically for HPC. The A200 system reduces storage costs by up to 50% and can plug into your current HPC environment and be ready for an archive tier for IBM Spectrum Scale or Lustre organizations. This means you can offload data from the expensive primary storage tier to a cost-effective active archive with up to 3× better performance than existing object storage solutions.


ClusterStor SL220

Capable of supporting multiple petabytes of storage capacity, ClusterStor SL220 is the first in the industry to be ICD 503-compliant and meet multi-level security (MLS) requirements.

For example, ClusterStor SL220 allows government agencies to pool data into a single compute and storage system while retaining the ability to segregate it based on security classification levels. Enterprises can wall off confidential financial information that’s often stored with consumer preference data, so that data analysts only have access to the information that they really need.



Simulations are growing in size and complexity as engineers strive to render features of the physical world with greater accuracy and fidelity. Combined with the cost of physical prototypes, it’s important for manufacturers to have solutions for their growing data management challenges. ClusterStor allows organizations to design, simulate and model, and get to market without worrying about storage bottlenecks.

Oil & Gas

Complex modeling including geophysical applications, dynamic numerical simulation and optimization, seismic data processing, and 3D earth modeling are allowing worldwide exploration and deep mining of natural gas and oil.

High-performance computing allows big energy companies to use rapidly produced data models to invest in equipment, expertise and research while reducing investment risk and accelerating potential profits.

Weather & Climate

Accurate and timely predictions save lives during extreme weather events. With ClusterStor, researchers can reduce the time it takes to forecast extreme weather conditions—from hours to minutes—with fine-grid modeling powered by HPC. Fine-grid modeling can reduce damage, injury and death from hurricanes, tornadoes and super storms.

Climate models utilize extensive physics and numerics data to help predict changes and quickly revise expectations. Petabytes of data require massive storage capacities in order to efficiently analyze data movement. ClusterStor systems simplify the complexity of the data movement and provide the necessary performance.


Federal agencies responsible for defense and intelligence, commerce, energy and human services need to efficiently manage the vast amounts of data generated while keeping it safe and secure. Seagate provides innovative, end-to-end HPC technology with the ClusterStor family in addition to the new SL200—the industry’s first secure scale-out parallel file system solution. No matter the classification level, clients can access the data they are allowed to see—and only that data. SL200 is ICD-503 certified and meets governmental specifications for use and security.


Mixed I/O performance and bottlenecks present significant challenges in academic environments. Data needs to be accessed, used, shared and saved concurrently by nodes throughout the system. The ClusterStor parallel storage system is built on an architecture which eliminates storage bottlenecks, allowing users access when and where they need it. Best of all, ClusterStor systems are infinitely scalable to provide fiscally responsible additions.

Life Sciences

Whether sequencing genomes, analyzing complex datasets, or developing disease treatments, life sciences fields are challenged by managing, accessing and sharing large amounts of data without lag or delay.

ClusterStor enables collaboration and delivers the fastest, most efficient means of handling data that allows for reduced discovery times. No two laboratories are the same, and ClusterStor systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of the applications and processes required.


ClusterStor and Scale-Out Support

Great service is every bit as important as great products. Seagate staffs its support team with the best talent in the industry to serve customers with whatever it takes to resolve their issues.

Online Seagate Customer Service Portal (CSP)

Our online ticket system lets our customers view, request and track online support tickets.

Documentation and Downloads

All ClusterStor release notes, software downloads, field notices, etc. RealStor documentation


Our worldwide training programs are designed to help you reach the level of knowledge you need for success in a way that fits your procurement schedule. Our flexible options include self-paced online training, virtual live and instructor-led intensive programs. At the end of the training program, we offer assessments to make sure you have reached the level of proficiency you need. Plus, you will have 24×7 access to our resource library.


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