Choose the Right Drive

Whatever your application, we’ve built a drive for it.

A reliable drive is a result of collaboration

Seagate’s job is to craft industry-leading data storage solutions. You, too, have a role to play. The kind of drive you choose to buy makes all the difference. A drive’s reliability is found in the right match between the device and what you need it to do. So pick the right drive for the job. It will thank you with an extended reliability.


Built especially for:

  • Taking your PC or Mac to the next level
  • Giving your computer more capacity
  • Speeding up your workstation

BarraCuda® Pro

Built especially for:

  • Upgrading your PC or Mac to lightning-fast performance
  • Single-bay editing by creative pros
  • Post-production workstations


Built especially for:

  • Fierce PC gaming at 5× the speed of typical hard drives
  • Industry-leading PS4 upgrades
  • Storing all your games in up to 2TB capacity


Built especially for:

  • 180TB/year user workload in a 24×7, always-on NAS application
  • IronWolf Health Management for built-in health monitoring of compatible NAS enclosures
  • RV mitigation for consistent high performance and reliability

IronWolf® Pro

Built especially for:

  • 300TB/year workload rates for heavy data traffic in multiuser 1-to-16 bay enclosures
  • Health monitoring of compatible commercial and enterprise NAS enclosures
  • Up to 12TB of storage with AgileArray firmware


Built especially for:

  • Surveillance systems with 24×7 workloads with capacities up to 10TB
  • 3× NVR-ready workload rate and up to 64 HD cameras
  • Perfecting and protecting footage with ImagePerfect™ firmware and SkyHawk Health Management

SkyHawk AI

Built especially for:

  • Surveillance footage analytics in workloads of up to 550TB/year
  • Extra peace of mind that comes with included Rescue Data Recovery Services and a 5-year limited warranty
  • AI-enabled deep learning synced with DVRs and NVRs

Exos E

Built especially for:

  • IT professionals who use in-field storage solutions with enterprise-class performance
  • Applications that need field-proven performance at superior efficiency and lowest TCO
  • Storage workload requirements with the most cost-effective data center footprint available

Exos X

Built especially for:

  • Cloud and hyperscale applications requiring the highest densities and greatest performance innovations
  • Data center architects and cloud service providers who deliver 24x7 enterprise-class performance
  • Storage infrastructure that can scale to meet growing capacity needs


Built especially for:

  • Enterprise performance and reliability
  • Hyperscale and mission-critical enterprise applications
  • Public and private cloud